Rambo Air Cooler : Unleashing Unmatched Cooling Power by Novamax

Rambo Air Cooler : Unleashing Unmatched Cooling Power by Novamax

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When the heat becomes relentless, and the need for a cooling solution arises, Novamax Air Coolers has your back with the formidable Rambo Air Cooler. As a leading player in the cooling industry, Novamax has outdone itself with this powerhouse, combining cutting-edge features and technical excellence to redefine your cooling experience.

Manufactured by Novamax Air Coolers:

Novamax Air Coolers, known for their commitment to quality and innovation, proudly presents the Rambo Air Cooler. This cooling marvel is designed to deliver optimal performance and unrivaled efficiency, making it the ideal choice for beating the scorching heat.

Key Features:

Powerful Air Delivery:

The Rambo Air Cooler boasts a robust air delivery system, ensuring swift and decisive excellent air circulation. Experience instant relief as this cooler transforms your living space into a refreshing oasis.

Auto Water Refill System:

The hassle-free auto water refill system removes the worry of constantly monitoring water levels. Enjoy uninterrupted cooling thanks to this intelligent feature that steady the water supply.

Air Throw Up to 120 Ft:

With an impressive air throw capability of up to 120 feet, the Rambo Air Cooler covers vast areas effortlessly. Perfect for living rooms, party halls, shops, banquet halls, gyms, restaurants, closed outdoor spaces, and hospitals – it ensures everyone enjoys excellent comfort.

3-Speed Control:

Customize your cooling experience with the Rambo's three-speed settings. Whether you need a gentle breeze or a powerful gust, the adjustable controls cater to your comfort needs.

Power Packed Sturdy Fan Motor:

The Rambo has a robust fan motor that ensures longevity and consistent performance. This power-packed motor drives the large fan blades, contributing to the cooler's exceptional cooling efficiency.

Large Cooling Pads:

Featuring large cooling pads, the Rambo ensures efficient cooling by maximizing the surface area for water evaporation. This design choice enhances the cooler's overall performance, providing a refreshing and relaxed environment.

Large and Powerful Fan Blade:

The Rambo's large and powerful fan blade complements its robust air delivery system to create a substantial and pleasant airflow.

Inverter Compatible:

Embrace energy efficiency with the Rambo Air Cooler, which is inverter-compatible. This feature ensures you can enjoy cooling comfort without worrying about high power consumption.

Ideal for Various Settings:

The Rambo Air Cooler is not limited by space – it's versatile enough to thrive in diverse environments such as living rooms, party halls, shops, banquet halls, gyms, restaurants, closed outdoor spaces, and hospitals. Its adaptability makes it the perfect cooling solution for any occasion.

Technical Features:

  • Air Flow: 8550 m3/h
  • Fan Size: 20 Inches
  • Water Tank Capacity: 100 Ltr.
  • Rated Power: 375 Watts
  • Color: Dark Grey/Light Grey
  • Garden Hose Connection: Yes
  • Castor Wheels: Yes
  • Product Dimension(MM): 865* 640 * 1230 mm


Invest in the best; invest in Novamax's Rambo Air Cooler – the epitome of cooling perfection. With its powerful features, technical prowess, and adaptability, the Rambo is set to become the preferred choice for those seeking the best cooler in the best price range. Experience the future of cooling technology today!