Novamax Rambo DD 75 L: Beat the heat with this commercial air cooler!

Novamax Rambo DD 75 L: Beat the heat with this commercial air cooler!

Commercial Coolers

Are you searching for a heavy-duty air cooler? Is it being tough to find one at the right price? Novamax Rambo DD 75 L is a very powerful heavy-duty desert air cooler that you might want to check. It is not just heavy-duty; it also comes with other vast features that you might find attractive.

Novamax Rambo DD 75 L : Short idea about its features

Novamax Rambo DD 75 L comes with anti-bacterial honeycomb cooling pads, 3-speed control, and 4-way air deflection features. Are you worried that with all these features, this cooler can be expensive? Well, it comes at just 29,990 INR.

An unmatchable product

This product is designed in a unique way. It has got a mosquito net along with a dust filter which is good for heavy-duty performance. With a 3-way speed feature, it takes care of airspeed control very easily. It has got a design that looks simple but ticks all the boxes.

Covers a vast area

Is getting a good commercial air cooler that is suited perfectly for a large area, especially the outdoor one looking hard? This cooler with all its features ticks all the boxes of the commercial cooler. It can easily cover a huge area making people comfortable with its airflow.

Enhanced cooling

If you are someone who loves a superior cooling experience then Novamax Rambo DD 75 L is just tailor-made for you. It has honeycomb pads that have got a huge water retention capacity. It does not only retain water but also has a good anti-bacterial feature that allows it to give a good cooling experience.

Highly durable

When it comes to the durability factor, people always try to be conscious. This cooler does only have rich look but also a high-quality exterior body that can woo you. The interiors of this cooler are also quite easy to clean. Being shock proof, and rust-free cooler, you can always stay assured that this is a very durable cooler.

The powerful flow of air

All want amazing airflow, and this cooler has an air delivery capacity of 7670 CFM that can cover 115 feet. With its 4-way deflection of air, you can always prefer this cooler over other options in the market.


With all its all-around features, you cannot ignore this air cooler. It has got the best features in a budget-friendly price range if we talk about the commercial air cooler options in the market.