Novamax Mist 75 litre cooler: Affordable dessert air cooler that ticks all the boxes that customers desire

Novamax Mist 75 litre cooler: Affordable dessert air cooler that ticks all the boxes that customers desire

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Getting a good air cooler is a very difficult task if you do not know that Novamax is making your life easy. Novamax is an air cooler brand that is known for being innovative and affordable enough to disrupt the Indian market. This brand always focuses on giving a good experience to its customers. From a premium and durable plastic body to distinguished advancement technically, this brand has ticked all the boxes to get success in India. The best thing about this brand is that it provides one year warranty on all its products.

One of the most popular products of this brand is the Novamax Mist 75-litre cooler. It has been one of the selling products in the whole air cooler industry of India. With positive reviews breaking the internet, this air cooler has been making the life of Indians very easy especially in summer.

Why choose Novamax Mist 75 litre cooler?

If you are looking to know more about this air cooler then you are in the right post. This post can give you an idea of why choose this air cooler in the populated air cooler market of India.

This is one of the coolers that can be considered in the high-performance category.

If you are looking for a portable desert air cooler then this is one of the coolers that you should prefer.

With good coverage area capacity, this cooler is a good option for large rooms as it can cover till 550 square feet.

As this cooler has got a 75 litres capacity with auto water refilling capacity, you do not need to worry much about refilling water.

With no rust guarantee by this brand, you do not need to worry about the exterior of this product.

It has got 4 ways air deflection capacity with an air-throwing capacity of around 50 feet.

Cost of Novamax Mist 75 litre cooler

The cost of this amazing product is just 13,990 INR. If you check this product on Amazon then you can get a 29 percent discount there. With the discount on Amazon, you can get this product at just 9990 INR. With all its features, this price range is quite affordable. The brand sticks to its motto of providing affordable air coolers at the best price with this product too. With one year warranty and good durability, you never need to worry while buying it.