Business : Novamax Cooler's End-of-Season Sale

Business : Novamax Cooler's End-of-Season Sale

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Customers can buy a premium range of Novamax coolers with advanced cooling, low humidity, shock-proof technology, and differentiated aesthetics starting at Rs 4956 only for 45 liters, 75 liters for Rs 6800, and 100 liters for Rs 7865 only.

"Following a successful Diwali sale, we look forward to this end-of-season sale, which will encourage more people to get coolers at enormous savings. We are thrilled about the sale, and all these discounts let even more consumers get one of the top air coolers in the nation for the lowest possible cost that is designed with the latest technology and will last season after season," said Harshit Aggarwal, founder, of Novamax (an air cooler brand in India).

By providing a huge selection of reasonably priced coolers, Novamax is really making its mark in the air cooler brand industry in India.

The Novamax coolers are developed with innovative padding that reduces the humidity and generates several other distinctive technical advancements making it one of the best air cooler brands in India.

The offers are too good to pass up, which heightens the zeal and excitement. Novamax has experienced immeasurable growth over the past few years and is anticipated to become a multi-millionaire venture by 2023.

Novamax Air Coolers are a one-stop solution for all your air cooling needs. They offer a complete range of air coolers of all shapes, sizes, capacities, and features. No matter what appliance you choose, their products will deliver cool, fresh, healthy air inside your home. Website - (

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